BellyTox Rox Vegas

BellyTox Rox Vegas

Welcome to the first post in our new Lifestyle Series! Here, we'll share our latest and greatest stories in travel, because adventure and discovery are necessary when it comes to self-care. Join us in our goal to ignite the explorer in you! Are you ready? Let's go!

Sky Dive Las Vegas gets 5 stars, 5 claps, 5 hearts and 5 snaps. They gave me an all star, life awakening, self-loving, life healing, self trusting experience. As we pulled up to the place that was to enable me to knock another item off my "DO Before I'm 50" list, my heart and head ran through the gauntlet of  emotions and thoughts. Their team greeted us warmly with lots of smiles and reassurance. My expert skydiver (the guy who I was attached to for the 15000 foot leap) had more than 4500 jumps and seemed just as psyched to be taking the jump with me.

I'm thankful and grateful to have jumped because it resolved so much in such a little time. For me, springing into the air like that, strengthened my belief in what I can do and my abilities. Many times in my life I've been the loudest author of self criticism, self loathing and negative self talk which yielded feelings of unworthiness, insecurity and not deserving. Although I had already been working on self love and self care, taking that leap helped me release anger, pain, fear, resentment, hate,guilt, unworthiness, doubt, control and hurt. Letting go of so much negativity has made room for awesome feelings and great thoughts. I'm determined to stay mindful and schedule self check-ins of what I'm spreading to myself and others. Is it positive? Is it kind? and when I find that it's not, to make the adjustment and keep moving forward.

Sooooo we needed to get our nails done and we weren't sure where we going to have them done. You know how it is when you're somewhere new and google is your source for various services. We had just left another salon because we were ignored and the smell was beyond unpleasant. My fellow BellyTox roadies spotted My Pedi Spa and we pulled into the parking spot. We exited our mini van, walked in and was met with one of the largest salons I've ever seen. They had so many pedicure chairs, manicure tables, waxing rooms and kind faces. The team member at the front asked us what we needed and proceeded to get staff to help us right away. They were friendly, proficient and let us check out their skin products.  If you're ever in Vegas, and want to get your nails, feet or eyebrows done, see the team at My Pedi Spa -- experience their great service and original skin products. 5 Super Stars to the team at My Pedi Spa. Thank you for helping us rock Las Vegas.

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