Who is BellyTox?

Who is BellyTox?

We are human, we are passionate, we are emotional, we are strong, we are a compilation of individuals who decided to change the pace of life and actively participate in global healing and positive change. True that was a mouthful, but each of us had experienced some type of life trauma like panic attacks, 100 pound weight gain, life ending diagnoses, death and so many hurts. The idea of waking up and going about the day was becoming harder and we started talking openly to each other about solutions.

How can we feel better? How to not be depressed? How to manage the grief? How to lose the weight? How to not operate from fear? Through conversations we realized some of the common themes were self-loathing, self criticism, using food as a coping mechanism, disappointment, feeling unworthy and so much more. We agreed to use our discussion time to come up with solutions for each dilemma.

What we found is that it all matters. Who you are around, what you put in your mouth, what you put on your body, what you do to your body, what you say, what you hear and so much more. Remember when computer teachers would say, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”, it’s the same in our daily lives. “Goodness In, Goodness Out”, “Negative In, Negative Out. Excited yet annoyed, we laughed about how is any of us supposed to manage everything that’s happening in and around them. We can’t control others but we can control ourselves and influence with our actions.

Flying blind, we all decided to take on one thing. Some of us started with paying copious attention to our eating because a few of us were overweight. Unconscious eating, rushed eating and on the go eating was happening because of our schedules – “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. Others began trying to pinpoint when they would start feeling low and the circumstances surrounding it. Traffic, work gossip, not meeting deliverables were a few of the detractors – “Negative In, Negative Out", How can any of us ignore the toxicity of everyday living? You don’t ignore it, you devise plans to navigate through it and that’s what we do at BellyTox.

We create products with positive affirmations to help the body manage the toxicity that can come with life’s journey. Although the body has its own detoxing process, it often gets over worked and overwhelmed with the contagions in our food and environment. Our products help to cleanse the body and support whole body healing – “Goodness In, Goodness Out”. The affirmations are to add the positive heir as the products are being used – “Positive In, Positive Out”. None of us are an island, we share one another’s space and affect each other.  At BellyTox we want to be a part of inserting goodness in every space we touch by having great products and great attitudes.

Love & Kindness,


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