Your October Horoscope

Your October Horoscope

By: Kalen Aradia

I know, I know… how many times do we have to hear “how is it already fall?” But seriously, we’re in October! Can you believe it? If you live in an area with seasons, then it’s time to gather your adorable sweaters, colorful scarves and temperate booties, cuties. Also, it’s time to get ready for one of my favorite holidays of the year: Halloween! This is a period that is revered and celebrated for its powerful symbolism and connection to the spirit world. So, essentially, it’s time to manifest your ideal reality, boo.

Awareness is key during this month because you possess acute manifestation powers and must use them wisely. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with that nonsense you didn’t mean to attract. Pay attention to your thoughts, journal about your intentions, and prepare for the exciting move from Libra to Scorpio season.

Navigate to your Zodiac sign below in order to better understand how the astrological events will affect you this month.



September 23 to October 22

As a Libra, diplomacy comes quite naturally to you. You play it fair and ensure that everyone is taken care of—this is one of your greatest strengths. But, if you’re not careful, this quality can also become your most detrimental weakness. When you take care of others in lieu of yourself an imbalance occurs, which fosters a great deal of internal frustration. This can send mixed messages you those you care for and create internal confusion. If you resonate with these words, then it’s time to bring the balance back into your life. Utilize this month as a period to ground in self-care. What is it that you’ve been missing and how can you communicate your needs to others?



October 23 to November 21

Our society tends to breed body image issues and express an avalanche of mixed messages. This isn’t a new revelation, but with the surge of social media, the opportunity to disempower ourselves is greater than ever. So how do we combat this type of messaging in order to embrace ourselves fully? The trick is to stop comparing our experience to others and catch detrimental self-talk. If you discover your harsh internal critic this month, Scorpio, then take a moment to check it and remind yourself how amazingly beautiful you truly are! In the beginning, it may feel strange, but that’s the process of rewiring your brain.



November 22 to December 21

Each one of us carries children within our unconscious. These children have been frozen in time based on our experiences during our childhood. It’s up to us to support their needs fully. Otherwise, they tend to become angry and express themselves in detrimental ways. Their voices will be heard regardless of your attempts to suppress them, so it’s best to listen. Utilize this month to tap into the quiet and loving space that they need to feel heard, Sag. Then, listen to their needs and validate them. The only time repressed emotions become warfare is when we leave them in the dark. Bring them out to play and you will uncover a much more harmonious and exciting approach to life.



December 22 to January 19

As a cardinal earth sign, you’re someone who can fixate on a project and push towards it. This helps you to achieve your desires and manifest your long-term goals, which is extremely beneficial. However, you must be careful not to push forward if it doesn’t serve you. There are times to break down a wall and there are times to go around it. It’s up to you to decide the best approach. Utilize the energy this month to decide your best method moving forward. Choose a solution that fits your current needs and try not to become hung up on the way you’ve done it in the past.



January 20 to February 18

Oh Aquarius, we can always depend on you to call it as it is. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is unfiltered and honest to boot. These characteristics win you the right support from people who speak your language. However, throughout this month it can be beneficial to take a beat (or two) to think before you speak. I’m not saying that you must censor yourself. Rather, you may want to prepare others before you drop your truth bombs. This way you’re more likely to gain the support of others without being forced to undergo the arduous process of putting out fires. Your time is too valuable for that.



February 19 to March 20

We all know that this world doesn’t feel “natural” to an enlightened soul like yourself, Pisces. What is this whole business of making money, creating plans, and playing by the rules of society anyway? It’s annoying, I get it, but in all honesty, the only way to transcend this reality is to master it fully. You were born into your body for a reason and this month is a great time to ground into that. Experience nature, get sensual, and foster an attitude of gratitude for your surroundings and Mother Earth. I know it can be annoying to play by the rules, but if you think of this life as a school it becomes much more tolerable and, dare I say, enjoyable.



March 21 to April 19

Some may call you selfish and others may call you aloof, but neither characteristic quantifies your personality. You’re a human developing where you stand in the world. If only people could just let you be, right? I mean, why must they always try to put you in a box? The truth is, Aries, that others are just trying to help. All you can do is be you and let it slide off your back. Utilize this month to transcend stereotypes by not giving a shit. Oh, and just a thought, try not to confuse constructive criticism with an attack. In other words, don’t shoot the messenger!


April 20 to May 20

The most difficult times help us recognize what we truly desire in life. If this period is one of those times, then it’s important to check in with your intuition. Make a commitment to sit in a quiet place and hear your soul’s communication loud and clear. Let go of the need to do and embrace what it means to simply be. We all have the desire for control, but can only control ourselves. So, how can you ease up on the rest of the world? Utilize this month, Taurus, to tune out the ego chatter and listen to that quiet voice within.


May 21 to June 20

The question to ask yourself this month is ‘how am I showing up? Consider your community, your daily routine, and your overall life goals. Reflect upon how authentic you are in all areas of your life. Do you find yourself living in accordance with your values or are you lacking a sense of wholeness? The goal is always to connect your inner desires with your external life. So, if you discover that the way you approach life doesn’t exactly jive with your belief system, then it’s time to shift. You of all people know that life isn’t worth living if it isn’t by your own accord and it’s important to decipher how you want to show up daily. If you find that you are unhappy in any area of life, change it.




June 21 to July 22

There are times when we are so focused on achieving goals that we neglect the vital playfulness of life and, regardless of what you may have heard, we are meant to enjoy life. Thus, if you feel as if your day to day has become stagnant, then it’s time for a change. I know you have a lot on your plate but accomplishing our goals doesn’t always have to be serious. Challenge yourself throughout this month by checking in with your inner child, approaching your career with the childlike wonder you may have forgotten from your past.



July 23 to August 22

It’s true that you’re classically known as an extrovert, but that doesn’t mean you always have to be the crowd-pleasing social butterfly everyone expects. You have permission to be introverted and take time to yourself when necessary. In fact, it is only through rest and recovery that you can exert yourself in the way that you desire. Otherwise, you are prone to burnout and possible agitation. In order to avoid this unnecessary outcome, it’s important to check in with your needs. Utilize this period to dig deep into emotional undercurrents. Consider any patterns that have caused you to burn out and choose to take care of your needs.



August 23 to September 22

A chapter might be closing in your life, and it’s time to let it go fully. I know that bittersweet emotions might arise, but sometimes we need to make hard choices on the road towards growth and accomplishing goals. As they say, it’s out with the old and in with the new. The longer you hold onto circumstances and situations which no longer support your goals, the less likely you are to achieve them. Know that there are expansive experiences waiting for you on the other side of this transformational journey and it’s time to step into them. If you find yourself in the midst of stagnation this month, then get ready to shake things up.

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