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Deceptive Foods Deemed Healthy | Bellytox Tea

Deceptive Foods Deemed Healthy

Milk is touted as a healthy food, and most people assume that it does a body good. But pasteurization destroys active enzymes and denatures the fragile proteins in milk. It also kills beneficial bacteria and lowers the vitamin content of your milk.
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Must-Have Herbs to Kickstart Your Meals | Bellytox Tea

Must-Have Herbs to Kickstart Your Meals

Sometimes you just get tired of using the same old recipe that tastes the same time after time. But we are all so busy we are looking for easy ways to spice up are repertoire. One way that many cooks forget is to use blends of herbs to add subtle flavor distinctions. The French have been doing this forever.
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Pineapple Punch to combat the Flu Season | Bellytox Tea

Pineapple Punch to combat the Flu Season

Greetings from Denmark friends! I have noticed during the winter that my friends and family constantly are sick with a cold- I use to be one of them, until I started juicing. First of all, why do we get more cold during the winter anyways?
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Who wants Blueberry Cheesecake ? | Bellytox Tea

Who wants Blueberry Cheesecake ?

I admit it, raw cakes do look pretty fancy but did you know that they need less time preparing, then a standard cake? You don’t even need a oven for these. Raw means, not baked – the freezer is doing all the “work” for you. 
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Healing Yourself with Mindfulness | Bellytox Tea

Healing Yourself with Mindfulness

Mindfulness - usually described as "being present in the moment " - is really tough for most to realize. Here are some tips to get you on the way.
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How to help your asthmatic child in an emergency ... | Bellytox Tea

How to help your asthmatic child in an emergency ...

The first and most important step to take is to decide to take charge of your child's asthma. Parents of asthmatic children suffer a range of contradictory feelings. Strongest is the natural concern for their child.
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What do you think about routine physicals and other specialized tests ? | Bellytox Tea

What do you think about routine physicals and other specialized tests ?

One of the greatest concerns America has today is cancer. The figures are alarming according to the National Cancer Institute studies a total of 1,372,910 new cases of cancer and 570, 280 deaths were predicted for the year 2005. Approximately one in every four deaths is due to cancer. 
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How do you choose the right cosmetics for your skin type ? | Bellytox Tea

How do you choose the right cosmetics for your skin type ?

Choosing the 'right' product and/ or brand for your skin type is certainly something we have spend some time on. Here are some general tips.

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5 Tips On Proper Fibromyalgia Diets | Bellytox Tea

5 Tips On Proper Fibromyalgia Diets

In order to treat or completely eliminate fibromyalgia, many doctors advocate adjusting your diet for levels of energy and immune system enhancement. Though you likely suffer from a number of fibromyalgia symptoms, if proper diet eliminates or eases even one o f those symptoms then isnít it worth your time to give it a try? 
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Dance The Weight Away | Bellytox Tea

Dance The Weight Away

If you love Latin rhythms and want to lose weight keep reading. No longer do you have to spend your money going to the gym. By following my simple weight losing tips while listening to Merengue Latin grooves, youíll be able to shed pounds effortlessly. 
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How to Remove Acne Scars ... | Bellytox Tea

How to Remove Acne Scars ...

There are several ways on removing acne scars. The appearance of acne starts during puberty when the body actively produces hormones that causes too much sebum in the skin. 
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Ever Considered A Raw Food Regimen ? | Bellytox Tea

Ever Considered A Raw Food Regimen ?

Eating raw foods is natural. Our bodies thrive on all that is fresh and vital. A raw food diet (or increasing the amount of raw food that you eat) is bound to bring a feeling of increased wellbeing. 
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